Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This Is The End... My Only Friend, The End

I just walked from Mexico to Canada. No big deal.

After having hiked over 2,660 miles (~4,300 km) I'm enjoying my well-deserved beer at the U.S.-Canada border.

Just wanted to let you know. Stay tuned for more. I'll post some more articles in the next couple of days and weeks, including a report of the final stretch between Skykomish and Manning Park, B.C., Canada.

Happy Trails,


  1. Congrats, Cheeseburger! So happy for you! We were able to finish the last part of the PCT this year as well, but just a month earlier than when you were passing through. Glad the snow held out a little longer this year. If the CDT comes any time soon for you, we will be living in Colorado & we'd love to help you out when you're passing through our neck of the woods. Much love, Scat Tracker & Unicroc