Friday, April 25, 2014

Arrival in San Diego

So, I made it to San Diego. My flight with Icelandair has been cancelled on short notice, but fortunately they booked me on another flight. Instead of flying to Keflavik, Seattle and San Diego, I flew directly into San Fran (and then on to San Diego). That way I got here about two hours earlier. Thanks to Icelandair and their strike!

At the airport in San Diego it didn't take too long until I ran into Daniel from Austria and Tobias from Germany. I was in for a surprise when I made it to Scout's and Frodo's hostel. Here I met Maik, Michael and Stephanie, all of them from Germany, and Natalie from Switzerland. I think that makes the native German-speakers the biggest minority out here this season. And I thought I'd be special :D

I must've been awake for 24 hours when I arrived at the hostel, so I dropped dead pretty soon. Another surprise was to follow the next morning. Just as I left the bathroom after I brushed my teeth I ran into Brent, whom I met on the AT four years ago. I had absolutely no idea he's hiking the PCT, too.

The place was packed with people. Fifty-eight hikers to be accurate; and they all got up at 5 a.m. for breakfast. Luckily things quieted down soon after that, because most of them left for Campo to start their hike. So currently I'm chilling out at this hostel, which is beyond amazing (the hosts Scout & Frodo are the true definition of ANGELS); earlier today I organized my supplies and maildrops. Tomorrow it will be me heading out into the desert. Finally!

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